The Crypto Theme Book Ends

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Some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Others are given it as a gift from above. Thankfully for you, you’re one of the fortunate ones. You were just meant to be a business inspired by true love and passion for what you do. That doesn’t mean that starting your own business isn’t hard. In fact, it can be pretty demanding … especially when you’re a growing startup looking to expand and grow even faster. But let’s face it: If you have a flair for marketing, sales, and operating in some of the most dynamic industries around, and believe in delivering quality customer service, then running your own business must appeal to you. If this sounds like you, then take a look at our list of top-notch crypto-themed theme bookends below!

Be My Valentine – The Crypto Heart Shaped Bookend
This heart-shaped bookend is always on my bookshelf. When people see it, their first impression is usually one of awe and wonder: “How on earth did he/she do that?” Well, the short answer is: It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, but the end result is really, really nice. The artist, BoBao, has been creating wooden bookends for years. He’s a woodcarver by trade and his work is thoughtful and amazing. As you can see from this picture, he loves to create beautiful and functional objects out of wood.

Bitcoin crypto theme book end
This bookend is a great example of how a simple Bitcoin tip can make a big impact. The owner of a small furniture shop in Germany, who goes by the name of “Lebkuchen”, heard about Bitcoin through the news and started receiving visitors to his shop who wanted to buy Bitcoin but didn’t have any money. As a result, his inventory of Bitcoin-themed mason jars and wine glasses grew. So Lebkuchen created this beautiful Bitcoin bookend to remind visitors to his store to buy some BTC. It’s a beautiful thing and very simple – a wooden Bitcoin bookend with a BTC symbol printed on it. People love it and have been bringing it to their offices to show off.

Ethereum crypto theme book end
This is another bookend that’s all about the logos. The owner of a small business in New York, who goes by the name of “The Essex Fox”, loves to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. As a result, he designed this eye-catching and eye-opening wooden bookend to remind people to check out his business, “The Essex Fox”. It features a really simple logo designed by the owner himself. This is how it looks:

Litecoin crypto theme book end
This is the bookend that will keep on giving. The founder of and the brains behind “The Essex Fox”, who owns and operates the business, has a true passion for coffee and coffee products. In fact, he even created this wooden equipment for his coffee shop to look just like a coffee roaster – complete with beans and all. This is how it looks:

Dash crypto theme book end
This one is pretty simple. The owner of an online gift and app store in South Korea, who goes by the name of “Lux”, loves to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. This is his motivation for creating this great wooden bookend: “This is a great gift for anyone who loves entrepreneurship and/or education.” And that’s it. The full list of top-notch crypto-themed bookends can be found below:

Cardboard Coin Box crypto theme book end
This is the one that really got me interested in this type of thing. Cardboard boxes can be used as bookends, coffee tins, and more. Cardboard boxes are cheap, easy to make, and get the job done. Cardboard boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and in this case, it’s a simple box with a hole in the top. Cardboard boxes are great for storing small items like nuts and bolts, candles, coins, and more.

Takeaway Message Board Boarding Gate
This is a gate that I created for a client. Basically, it’s a wooden door with a message written on it. The gate is always printed on canvas and hung from the wooden door. On warm summer days, I like to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and a beautiful message written on a gate. The gate sends a positive message to everyone who comes by: “You are loved and valued. May you feel comfort and safety at this moment.”

How to Make a Crypto Theme Book end
Now that you’ve got a general idea of how to make a crypto-themed bookend, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Here are some easy steps to follow: 1. Pick Your Theme You’ll need a theme that’s specific to your business. If you’re selling a product, you can pick a popular one and market it under the theme. If you’re starting a web business, you can pick a random word and see what people think. You can also use words and phrases related to your company, like your brand name or a tagline. 2. Research and Cut Tools The first step is to research and cut your tools to size. Cutting tools for a wooden object like a bookend or gate can be a bit challenging. You’ll need to make sure the wood is soft and flexible but also has some sturdiness. If you want your wooden object to stand out, you can also add a metal blade or two. 3. Finish and Install After you’ve chosen your tools and materials, it’s time to finish and install your wooden object. You can sand the wooden object down if you want it to be more delicate or you can paint it if you want it to look more shiny and new. If you want your wooden object to be strong and durable, then use metal or hardwood tools.

The crypto market is still struggling to get its footing following the dot-com crash of 2001. With each passing day, it seems that another industry is being transformed by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. From initial coin offerings (ICO) to financial institutions exploring the potential of blockchain, the list of industries that have been impacted is long and growing. Now, with the boom of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, more and more industries are being affected. It is no secret that these industries are in need of reliable and trusted partners. With that in mind, we list our top-notch crypto-themed bookends below. Their designs are simple, but they are also easy to use and maintain. Enjoy!

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