Is Cronodes a Scam?

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The Cronos chain is a decentralized investment vehicle that is comprised of approximately 400,000 nodes. To become a node, a user must buy 20 CRN tokens and receive 0.5 CRN per day. As an investor, Cronodes may appear to be a good idea but is it really worth the money? The following article will discuss a few facts about Cronos and its nodes. If you have never heard of it, be aware that this crypto may be a scam.

CroNodes (CRN) is a decentralized change on Cronos chain
A decentralized change on the Cronos chain is a crypto exchange called CroNodes. It uses the native CRN crypto token to make transactions and is forked from the Cronos chain DaaS platform. Despite being a new cryptocurrency, it is quickly gaining interest among crypto enthusiasts. But some say that CroNodes is a scam token. The Cronos chain ranks 9,516 on CoinMarketCap, and its circulating supply is unknown.

Its original Node type cost 20 CRN to run and returned one CRN per day, and was limited to 100 Nodes per wallet. But the project has since introduced different Node tiers with different cost, fees, and return rates. The changes to the Cronos blockchain are designed to make the project more sustainable, but new investors may still be hesitant to use the cryptocurrency.

It is currently investing on behalf of approximately 612 individual nodes
The platform Cronodes operates on is transparent, open, and enables traders to build robust nodes on the Cronos chain. The system is designed to act as a value-adding protocol for traders, and it seeks to create a platform that can handle all of the work involved in cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, it intends to merge returns from DeFi and protocol-owned liquidity.

CroNodes, which launched in June 2020, invests on behalf of approximately 612 individual nodes. Around 70% of each node’s value goes to the investment pool. The company fields investment proposals on its official Discord channel, and the roadmap details the implementation of a community voting system and improvements to the rewards system in Q2 and Q3 2022. In addition, CroNodes is a good choice for casual investors.

It is a user-friendly cryptocurrency
If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, Cronodes may be the cryptocurrency for you. This decentralized network was created with the new investor in mind, introducing a simple interface and virtual nodes. To set up a node, users must purchase twenty CRN tokens. For each day that the node remains operative, they will receive 0.5 CRN in reward tokens.

Once you’re ready to start investing in CroNodes, you’ll need an email account. Be sure to use a secure one – you’ll be using it to manage your cryptocurrency. You’ll then be asked to confirm your email address and set a password to protect your account. You’ll also need to provide your state of residence. You must be at least 18 years old to use CroNodes.

It is a scam
While many people have heard of the Cronodes protocol and the native token CRN crypto, others have claimed that it’s a scam. The Cronos chain and CRONASWAP exchange have generated quite a bit of hype about the Cronos blockchain, but is this project really a scam? Let’s take a look at the details of the Cronos chain and Cronos token before making a final judgment.

The first major red flag is the fact that it requires a native token called CRN to create a node in the Cronodes protocol. The Cronodes community has been full of FUD in recent days. Many have complained about unclaimed $CRN rewards and accused the dev team of stealing them. While there are many pros to the Cronodes crypto project, this is only one small example of the numerous scams out there.

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